Frequently Asked Questions

What is WPayz?

WPayz is a free rewards platform where you can earn usd by viewing advertisements or doing offers.

Who can join WPayz?

People from worldwide are welcome to join us. We have no restrictions on any country. The only condition is accepting our terms of service.

Can I open multiple accounts?

No. Multiple accounts will be all suspended.


Registration is free and little time consuming. Click registration link. Fill simple form there, once done, you will be redirected to members login page.

What is minimum payout?

Minimum amount you need to hold before requesting withdrawal is set at $5.00 for your first withdraw. Withdrawals are done automatically and are processed instantly upon users request.

What wallets do you accept?

Currently we accept only one payment processor/wallet for withdrawals and deposits - FaucetPay. We will be adding more processors in future.

Where is Purchase Balance?

We are using only one balance, that is Main account balance. All earnings are credited to it, all deposits are credited to it and all withdrawals are made depending on main account balance. This saves a lot of hassle as users do not have to deposit to purchase balance and then if they don't spend it have it for ever with no use. Here you can always withdraw your deposited funds if you decide not to buy anything from us.

What is Packs?

Packs are value units. Different value packs can be purchased, from pack value will depend daily profit. After pack has been purchased user have to add it to one of the contracts.

What are contracts?

Contracts are a profit generators. After purchasing packs users have to add those packs to main or secondary contract to start generating daily profit.

What is the profit from packs?

Daily profit depends on your contract level that can be upgraded. Default main contract daily profit is 1% from all added packs value for unlimited number of days. Packs do not expire, profit is generated for ever.

Why contract level upgrade price vary?

Price to upgrade main contract depends on contract current value. The bigger contract value the higher is upgrade price. Two things to add:
One is that the price is calculated so that user would still be in profit after upgrading.
Second is that users can first upgrade and then buy more packs, this way initial upgrade price will be low.

When daily profit will be credited?

Profit from contracts are credited daily once user logs in or visits any members page. Daily earnings from contracts are displayed in graph.

How much my referrals receive from me buying packs?

It will depend on pack value, the higher the value the higher value ads your referrals will receive.

How many referrals I can have?

Users can have unlimited amount of referrals.

How much I will earn from my referrals?

You can earn 5% from every referral advert view and 10% from every referral purchase. This can be increased via upgraded membership.

Why I am getting new referrals without any promotions?

We have a system in place where users can manually change their upline once every 30 days. If users are not happy with how their upline performs they are free to choose new upline and if the case is that you are investing and providing a lot of referral ads people will notice that and will choose you as their new upline in order to gain full benefits.

Changing upline every 30 days...?

Yes. Everyone who are registered with us can change their upline first time 30 days after registration and then once every 30 days. The time has come when every day user have a choice to receive more. If user is not satisfied with the performance of their upline they can change to new one for free.

What is Traffic Level?

Traffic Level is an unique feature that benefits referrer and his/her all referrals. It works on both sides. If you are referrer Traffic Level increases your referrals ( up to 300% ) and your own adverts value ( up to 200% ). Note, this does not change commissions this changes direct value of your own and your referral ads value. Your referrals will have higher value ads and you will have higher value ads. Your referrals and You will earn more from ad clicks, but in the same you will get more commissions because we calculate commissions on percentage and if your referrals view higher value ads naturally your commissions will grow. Naturally the higher Traffic level you have achieved the higher your own ads, your referrals ads and your commissions will become.

How To Get Traffic Level Points?

It is easy, just promote your referral link and every time a unique IP visitor views it in browser you get one point. Continue same way and you will be higher level promoter in no time.

Why My Traffic Level Become Basic?

On the first day of each month system will delete all traffic stats and everyone will start from zero. This is done for prosperity of program, but don't worry, you will gain levels fast naturally when you promote your referral link.

Do you have a Faucet feature?

Yes we do. Everyone can earn from a free faucet feature.

How much I will earn from Faucet?

Our faucet is not that simple. How much you earn depends on your faucet level that can be upgraded. From materials you have as faucet requires materials to produce balance. And from materials production addons levels. The higher everything is the more you earn per hour.

How many ads I can view daily?

A maximum of 10 ( Global and Bonus combined ) adverts users can view per day. As we have limited number of adverts available we want to spread those ads between more users and so we have to add maximum cap for users, otherwise few hundred of users visiting website after reset can view all adverts available and the rest will have non. This limit resets at 00:00h server time daily.

Do you have third party offers?

Yes, we do have most popular offers and tasks providers on our platform.

My Completed Offer Is Pending, Why?

For security reasons we have implemented an pending period. That means that after each completed offer a 3 days pending restriction will be placed, during which third party provider has a chance to reject completed offer if for some reason they feel like it. After a 3 days waiting period ends, users are able to collect pending earnings from main Wall Panel. An option will be presented, users just have to click collect button to proceed. Once credited all pending earnings will be credited to users main balance.

What is Wall Points?

By fully completing and collecting offers earnings our users earn Wall Points. Wall points can be exchanged for valuable items in Wall Shop. Wall Points does not expire and are valid till they are spend on items.

What is Wall Boost?

Every user is assigned a 0 Boost at the start. Boost is a percentage of how much bonus funds will be added to completed offer. Boost can be purchased in Wall Shop and increased in other ways. Permanent Boost does not expire. Boost items will increase Boost for a period of time, after which Boost returns to its original value. Boost is applied during offer completion. Note: Boost only effects wall earnings, it does not effect Wall Points crediting amount for completed task.
Wall Boos Level is equal to a Percentage a user gets of bonus funds for completing offers.
For Example: Wall Boost Level 10, a user completes offer of a value $1.00, the final sum will become $1.10 because a 10% is credited from Boost.