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Purchase Commission

Receive 5% - 50%!

Referrals receive big adverts when ever you buy high value Packs.

Receive 10% - 30%!

5%+ from adverts your referrals views and 10%+ from purchases they make.

Cooperation Is Key

Promote WPayz

Copy referral link from inside of your account and spread it around the internet. There is no limitations at how many partners you can invite. So feel free to splash around. No shares needed to earn from partners program.

Receive Commissions

Each time your referrals are purchasing you earn 10%+ commissions. Each time your referral views ads you receive 5%+ earnings. And with unlimited partners you can easy earn big chunk of daily cash for your self. Upgrade Options Available.

Referrals Prosperity

Every time you purchase Packs - everyone receive adverts to view, But when you purchase higher value ones, only your referrals receive mega ads to view of up to $0.45 per advert. At the same time you receive back 5% to 50% from those clicks.

Promoters -

10% From Purchases!

Gain referrals to receive 10% commissions for life every time one of your referrals purchased Packs or Spends on really anything almost. 10%+ Commissions are received on referrals Bid Too. You don't need to invest to earn in partners program.

Upgrade Account To Increase Percentage

Increased Value Ads -

Promoters Earn More!

Promote Our Platform and increase your Traffic Level, by doing that you grand your referrals higher Ads and at the same time you earn more from them viewing those.

Upgrade Options Available

More Traffic - Higher Earnings For Promoter

Ready To Start

As you see we have prepared a solid, permanent and stable plan for your prosperity.

You will discover much more interesting and interactive features. This - what we described is just a top of an iceberg, much more is happening right now inside. Come in the water is fine.

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