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Now WPayz Have Its Own Games!

Exciting News For Adrenalin Seekers!
We have just finished and installed Game Module. For those who would like to earn more or spend some free time trying to make Big Cash the time finally come to your door. WPayz now have its own games. Our developers team did a great job and created few interesting and exciting games.
Everyone is welcome to try them out and maybe even win some noticeable cash. Our users will find link to Players Room at the account top right side display menu and in side menu under the section Earning Options.
Few things we need to mention.
It is fully anonymous games, we do not and will not ask for identification check - No KYC. In relation to that a Players account is a separate account inside your profile. When you visit Players room you will be asked to consent that you are of a legal age to participate in gambling by your Country's Laws, once you confirm, your new Players account will be added to your profile, from then on you will be able to try your luck at our games.
Currently there are three games installed "Lucky Draw" "Fortune Wheel" "Tower Game", once we made sure there are no bugs and our developers team finish other games we will install more.
Every game has its descriptions added, don't forget to read them before playing even if most is self explanatory and easy to understand. Some games has achievements or consolation rewards.
Depositing and Withdrawing from Players account is instant and without restrictions, the only limitation is that the minimum for both is $0.1 - No Maximum.
Other Updates:
We noticed big interest in our faucet, specially in Hunter. No worries, we have some exciting updates related to Faucet module, and once few more games are completed, we will start working on new Faucet Features.
As our members already noticed, offers feature has been implemented to WPayz. To anyone that has not seen that yet, we want to mention that our Wall module has points bonus system in addition to usual cash, with every completed offer users get Wall Points, that can be spend on upgrading Wall Boost or buying other items in Wall Points Shop.
Banner advertising option was added some time ago. Once we finish script optimization works, members purchased banners view will be added to much more pages for much higher exposure rate.

We really want to say a Big Thank You for our referral contest participants, the interest was outstanding. By the time of this news post we still have 1 day left, after that as soon as Admin logs in the rewards for top participants will be distributed.
In advance Congrats To Winners, you did a really great job.
More contests will be launched in not too distance future.

From Our Entire Team.
Best regards

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